Monday, February 28, 2011

Chico Skatepark Sesh with Mike Ramos

The past couple assignments I have had in photography class have been basically compositional stuff, but our new assignment for the next couple weeks is called Time & Movement, which in other words is action shots! So today, when I got out of class, I hit up a few friends and headed over to the skatepark for some homework. Mike was absolutely killing it today, throwing down for me and boosting the hell out of everything. Enjoy!

Mike getting 10 feet out of a 5 foot quarter!

doing a big hip gap

moto whipping, boooosting


not only boosting but throwing a huge extended tuck


  1. I took photogs at the Winnipeg skate park once ... I was the only girl shooting. I was also the only one with the balls to get right underneath everyone. Good times. Great shots here!!