Friday, April 26, 2013

Pumptrack with Nik Dommen

We have been working on and shredding Kyle's pumptrack for a while now, but I have never really taken my camera. There are so so many lines that it is ridiculous. This track is unique in that there are as many transfers and airs as there are pumps and berms, so it is more like a dirt skatepark! So much fun to ride and so good for your endurance and skills. Pumptracks kill it. Anyways, here is Nik Dommen keeping it stylish and flowy, enjoy!

shredding the bowl

hip jump into the bowl

step up steeze

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

F Line

Yesterday Allen, Dan, and I headed out to F Line to shred some dirt jumps that were previously built for hard tails. These are now trimmed down so big bikes can hit them. Nonetheless  even though they were cut down they could still send you pretty high. I learned suicides which was pretty cool too, here's what we came out with.

Dan throwing some style

Allen whipping out a table

Dan tabling, photo by Allen but shows the gap pretty well

Me...suicide no hander

Sea Otter Classic 2013

It has been way too long since I have updated this. I have been super busy with school and whatnot, but I got a good long four-day weekend for Sea Otter where I got to ride bikes, see old friends, get free stuff, and take some pictures! On Friday Allen, Kevin and I decided to day trip it to Aptos where we warmed up at the step-up and then headed to Post Office. Allen 3'd his trail bike at the step-up and I finally made it through the pro line (after years of going there and wussing out) at Post Office which is a check off both of our lists! The next day we hung around the pits collecting as much free stuff as possible while staying hydrated with some good ol' Coors, then heading to pro slalom finals in the evening. The weekend was full of good people, good riding, and great times!

Allen spinning on his Enduro 

Kevin whipping at Post Office

Ben Cruz making subpar pancakes

Poser escort girls
Allen keeping it real while under fire

Apparently its a "waterless" tattoo...meaning a sticker...damn a waste of beer

Dan and Kels trekking up the hill for slalom, Merica!

Sam Hill

Kyle Strait

Aaron Gwin

Martin Soderstrom

Troy Brosnan

Mick hannah

Steve Peat

Mitch Ropelato

Micayla Gatto
Jill Kintner took the win again

Mick Hannah taking the high line

Peaty vs. Cole

Ropelato vs. Graves

Beerten vs. Oliveira

Kintner vs. Atherton in the finals

Peaty on 650b's

Peaty vs. Graves in the finals, Graves for the win

Anneke Beerten