Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ft. Baker Panorama

I guess I never uploaded this. A few weeks ago me, Serg, and Trevor went over to Ft. Baker to shoot this wallride that Trevor's been eying. I loved the scenery, but I couldn't get the bridge in the picture without getting an unflattering angle of trevor hitting the wallride. After a few different angles, I decided to step back and try a panorama, getting the scenery and trevor hitting it. I am stoked on how it came out!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pool Party

Yesterday me and a bunch of friends headed over to an empty pool near my house. The pool was super tight, and not 26" friendly, but Serg and Zach shredded the bmx's and Sam and Robin skated it. Super dialed sesh, enjoy!

Robin falling

Homies at the pool

Zach getting above the light

Jack enjoying the sun while Zach airs out

One of the only face shots I got

Sam is crazy good. This shot was kinda scary, I had to move to the left as soon as I shot

Sam almost scraping the coping. This pool is very narrow and has like 4 ft of vert

Robin getting over the light for the first time!

Robin with an indy grab air in the deep end

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bay66 Skatepark, London, UK

Last week I vacationed over to London, England with my mom and my cousin. One of the days we went, my cousin and I went over to the skatepark in West London called Bay66. Its a super sick park under the railroad overpass, and is giant. I met some awesome people and even got to ride a little bit. More pics of the rest of my trip coming up, enjoy!

Joe busting a huge air

They even had a hammock there!

I asked Joe if he could clear the box...He flipped it and landed backwards.

Wallride to 180 out

Tom flipping out of the quarter

Tom with a euro out of the quarter. In europe, is a euro just called a table?

Glenn busting an invert air

Glenn looking back

Glen with a wallride over the quarter on the vert wall

Tom skimming the ceiling on the wallride over the quarter

Tom whip

Tom nac nac

Glenn grizz

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

West Oakland Skatepark Sesh

The other day me and Zeph went over to Berkeley skatepark to meet up with Sergio, Trevor, Kameron, and Boz. An hour and a trip to Happy Donuts later, we headed over to West Oakland to ride their skatepark that is pretty much falling apart. Its actually a super fun park with a lot of god stunts, they are just rotting away and some of the coping is hanging on by a screw or so. The entrance is also a hole in the fence. The kids at the park were super funny, and were getting stoked on Serg and Kam's BMX's. We hooked them up with some Brazen stuff and got them even more stoked. Enjoy!

Trevor doing a crazy wallride gap. The wall is about 6 feet away from the bank where he took off.

Trevor over Boz, Kam, Zeph, and Serg

Trevor doing a huge table transfer from the quarter to the halfpipe.

Trevor toboggan transfer

Kam busting out a table air on the quarter.

Boz gettin it flat on the halfpipe that is beginning to fall apart

Sergio with a nice turndown air

Trevor never stops. Fat no hander air on the halfpipe. I like this angle because you can see the rest of the park and how ghetto it is.

Trevor's ankle after trying barspins. This trick is not nice to your body when trying to learn them.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

P-Town Shredding

The past few days I have been going up to Petaluma, and shooting a bit, but more focusing on riding. I have been riding a lot, which is sick, but then shooting the last half hour or so, and I am stoked on these. All are shot with my 50 1.8 lens, which is for those of you who don't know, a fixed lens with a great depth of field. Enjoy!

Kody Seaton with a huge tire slide. He actually slid down the side of the volcano too, because the whole park is graffiti'd and its slippery.

I dont know who this is, but I like this a lot.

Kody with a tuck out of the BS, which is a hip.

Kody tabling out of a sketch hip. Look that that transition!

Zephyr whipping it out on the BS. Zeph hasn't been riding lately because of college, but as soon as he gets on the bike, you know that he still has it.

Zephyr 270ing