Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mini Ramp Seshin

When we moved into our house in Chico, the guys before had built a mini ramp in the backyard. With a little work, we had it back and running again, better than they ever had it! Here are some of the roommates and homies shredding the ramp, enjoy!

I normally hate editing photos, but I really like Conner's body position in this feeble grind. After this, I brought out the flash to get some more dialed shots.

Dave with a nice frontside smith

A different angle of Con feebling

Frontside five 0 stall, spinning the camera a bit

Thad killing it with a frontside smith grind. I wanted to pan to get the motion of a grind

Thad frontside five 0

Dave with a sick nose grab thing!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Michael Ramos

The past couple weeks me and Mike have been going up to the spot as much as we can to get our dig and trail steeze on. Here is a shot of our first fire in the pit, with Mike banging out a dialed turndown, I am super stoked on this shot! Click on it for a larger look

F-Line Step Up

Today, me Dan Allen and Derek headed over to the F-Line step-up out highway 32 to ride for a bit. This jump is small but super fun and good to learn tricks on! Here are some of my favorites, enjoy!

Dan with a nice toboggan

Dan boosting and tabling

Allen with a nice styley table

Another toboggan

Another table

Thursday, September 1, 2011