Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Weekend in SLO

The past weekend my good friend Allen and I headed down to his hometown San Luis Obispo to get out of Chico and to ride and be somewhere different. We drove down Friday and after a nice home-cooked meal at Allen's, we headed to an indoor park in Atascadero with a few other friends. The next day Allen and I got shuttled to some of, if not THE gnarliest trails I have ridden. They were the kind where you are almost happier to make it down alive then actually ride them, but still fun as hell! After a few runs, we headed to our friend Kevin's mulch jump and rode until we couldn't see, even with car headlights. On Sunday, a few of us drove out to MontaƱa de Oro to ride some xc with incredible views of the coast. I had not touched my camera because I was so busy riding all weekend, but I could not leave without taking some pictures. After a pedal up with the camera on the back, it was all good from there. So, after a full three days of riding and driving, I only documented the last day but all in all it was a trip that I will remember. Here's what I came out with, enjoy!


K-pab, rode up on his dh bike! 

The crew riding down