Sunday, December 20, 2009

Funn Photoshoot

Today...or yesterday, me and Kai went to go shoot with the Funn guys. We went to a pump track in Novato, where there were also some kickers down the hill. It was kind of a weird lighting, but we managed to get a few decent shots. This is a picture of Kai. He is currently riding Funn Flat Out bars and a Rippa stem. More pictures to come...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Marin Headlands

We went to the headlands yesterday because it was such a beautiful day in Marin. We have a spot we go to often, which is a bunker at the end where you have to hike down, to eat lunch, but unfortunately got cut short because of the park rangers. It was a wrap, but i managed to snap a few pics on my d40.

Zona. This was taken on the side of the road, at a view we stopped at on the way.
The coast. This is one of the views from the spot.
View from the one way road down throughout the headlands.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Sponsor: Funn MTB

I used to work at a bike shop once a week called China Camp Bikes and Beans. The owner, Justin, partnered up with a friend to expand the store, but this meant that they had to move and hire new employees. That was kind of a bummer, but I needed to find a real job anyways. Yesterday was the "soft" opening of the shop, which is way bigger and better. Me, Sergio, and Kai went over to go check it out. Justin now works for Funn MTB and is in the process of re-designing their bars, stems, pedals, ect. When we walked in, we got told that we are gonna be sponsored by Funn! They then hooked us up with bars and stems, and were told that there was more to come. Sick. Also, I was told that I am going to be their photographer! (I sent Justin a photo of my friend Trevor and he made it into an add and took it to Taiwan, where thousands of people saw it!) I am super stoked and thank you so much to the guys at Funn and Justin. Here are just a few photos of the bars and stem.