Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Decline Magazine Double Spread!

This is one of the shots I got from my first photoshoot with Ben Cruz. He sent this in to Decline Mag and they were apparently stoked! I am too!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Chill Days

The other day I called Trevor to see what was up, and he told me he was about to go to a new spot with Sam that had epic views and cool obstacles. I was stoked, so I quickly packed up and headed over to meet up with them. We got to the spot which was pretty damn beautiful, but also pretty damn windy which held us back a bit. Since it was too windy, we decided to come back another time and mob down to Bolinas to get a sunset sesh in. When it got too dark to ride we headed to the beach to listen to some original banjo playing by Trevor on the cliffs (check the vid at the bottom). All in all it was a successful day and we have a spot to some back to and shred! Enjoy..

Sam nose manualing a ledge with a killer view

Trevor with his new Blk Mrkt Contraband thanks to Carter!

Trev riding down fair-bo road to Bolinas

Sam getting highh on the hip at Bolinas

Trevor opposite one foot table

Banjos and sunsets on the cliffs..what could be better

Santa Barbara

My sister and I road tripped down to socal to visit friends, and even though I brought my camera, I didnt really shoot ever. It feels like we spent about half the time driving and half the time visiting people (which was the point) so I never really used my camera but here is my favorite shot of the trip, as there were not many taken...nonetheless I really like it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


As I was DDing for my sister on her birthday, my friend Kai came with me and we decided to snap some photos in the city on the way to our friends house. We dropped them off at a bar on Lombard, so we just kept going up to the top. An interesting thing about this photo is you can see in the distance to the left the new and old bay bridge, which is a cool transitional point in time. Enjoy..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mammoth Lakes

This past new years, my family and I went to Mammoth Lakes to snowboard (the shitty snow) and explore around. We first went over to Convict Lake where it is surrounded by amazing geology. The weather was weird because it didn't snow, but was still cold enough in the night time for water to freeze over. This meant that some lakes were frozen over enough for us to walk on, which was pretty rare. We ended the trip exploring the ghost town of Bodie out in the middle of nowhere. All in all, it was a great new years and here are me favorites, enjoy!

Mountains on Convict Lake


The moon and cool volcanic rocks at Convict Lake

Ice on Twin Lakes

My mom sliding on Twin Lakes
The town of Bodie