Friday, January 13, 2012

Santa Barbara

My sister and I road tripped down to socal to visit friends, and even though I brought my camera, I didnt really shoot ever. It feels like we spent about half the time driving and half the time visiting people (which was the point) so I never really used my camera but here is my favorite shot of the trip, as there were not many taken...nonetheless I really like it.


  1. I have to say, this is a really nice shot. For that you only took some pictures, this one is beautiful! I like the birds a lot. The design configuration is gerat withthe line of the horizon, sea level and the rocks in the forground. It's in black/white, too, isn't it? It gives it a mystical touch somehow.

  2. Santa Barbara has to be one of the nicest places I visited. Probably the main reason why I would like to go back to California. Thank you for sharing that pictures makes me realize why I love that place.

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