Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Day With Kyle Warner

Last Friday I got out of class early, and Kyle hit me up to go riding with him up at Forest Ranch, where there are some gnarly trails and the infamous Manpon jumps. Unfortunately, the jumps were in need of a lot of work, but there are some sweet trails and huge freeride stunts all around (which also need some work). We shot this one step down and then headed to Upper Bidwell to shoot some more gnarly trails that Kyle shreds on. Enjoy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Oroville Skatepark

I have been going out to Oroville Skatepark a bit lately, and the locals are so much fun to watch! I have only stopped to take a few photos now and then, but here are some of my favorites!

Local kid named Aaron airing higher than high

Aaron tucking up almost as high!

I forgot this kids name, but he shreds all around the park, busting crazy transfers like this.

Mike Ramos, tucking on the halfpipe!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Road Trippin

Sorry for the lack of posts, it has been way too long. Anyways, my best friend Aidan and I just got back from a 9 day long road trip from San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz. We surfed couches the whole time and pretty much lived out of his truck. So many adventures and good times, enjoy!

Aidan on the hike to the top of bishops peak in slo.

This was actually taken with my fisheye, I wanted to get a super wide angle, but I like how little distortion there is.

Just a little snapshot, the fish is such a fun lens.

View of SLO

From the top of bishops peak

From the top looking the other way to the ocean

One of the nights, Aidan's brother Colin took us to a place where we could shoot some guns. We had to drive on this beat to shit fire road for miles on cuesta ridge to get to the spot, but the drive alone was just amazing.

This is the view from the spot where we were shooting!

Colin also took us to where he works, and we got to drive around in a sweet little off-road cart.

Fresh satsumas from the trees. The best I have ever had

Under the docks of Avila beach

Shell Beach

The sun is setting and we are about to leave for Santa Barbara.

In Santa Barbara, we met up with our friend Nick and his dog Boon. Nick took us on a sick hike, but this dog was a true trooper. We had to hoist him up a 10 ft wall while trying to climb up as well. In this picture, if Boon stuck his tongue out, he would lick the lens.

Aidan going down the natural water slide that we hikes to. This place was awesome!

Aidan and Nick hiking down the ridge. These trees are burnt from the wildfires a couple years back.

My sisters lovely deck at night.

This view will never get old. Never.

Night time

After SB, we went to SLO for a day longer, and Aidan and I went on another hike, this time up the coast.

It was hard to get, but I wanted to show that if you looked one way, you would see rolling hills and if you looked another, you would see the ocean. So beautiful

The last night we spent in Santa Cruz with my good friend Zephyr. When we got there, he was jamming with his band Copasetic. They ended up jamming all night while me and Aidan got to chill and listen to them. They are super good and fun to listen to

The next day I called my good friend Jesse, who lives here, and he took us to Land of the Medicine Buddha, which is a buddhist retreat center in the middle of the Redwoods. This place was magical. Along the way you would find buddhist prayer flags or shrines, along with places to meditate and relax.

This is some artwork on the road, in the distance is the temple, which has a 30 ft tall statue of Buddha in it!

The prayer wheel in motion.