Monday, July 25, 2011

Day Trippin

The other day Tyler, Trevor, Reese, and I decided to go to a few parks around the bay area. We ended up hitting up Benecia, Vallejo, and Hamilton with a couple street spots in between. It was a dope ass day and my friends seriously never cease to blow me away. Anyways, here are my favorites, so enjoy!

Tyler's new GTI loaded up with a roof rack and a rear one

Reese gettin a nice nac nac on the channel gap

Trevor with a sick one handed table

This is an opposite one foot table for Trevor!

Reese on foot can can. You can see my shadow, I just held the camera out and pulled away right after. Its nice because since the fish gets pretty much everything, you just have to aim it in the general direction and you will most likely get the shot.

After Benecia, we headed to this street spot in Benecia where Tyler toboggans from a bank to the curb!

A different angle, and Tyler with some killer style

Tyler and Trevor training the gap!

Trevor has seen this roof drop for a while now, so we decided to hit it up on the way to Vallejo, its pretty freaking gnarly! Trevor unfortunately took a little spill when he landed, but everything was ok!

Vallejo skatepark and Trevor with a nice boosted euro

Tyler always loves to find a different way out of the park. This is his 4th time jumping over, and he is so relaxed and chill about it! I had to capture the vibe in this shot, and I am actually stoked on how it came out.

A euro on a hip in Hamilton

Trevor tire slidin

Mitch with a sick bar to tire tap

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sacramento Day Trip

Today Mitch, Trevor, Kai and I headed over to Sacramento to ride some different parks from the usual. On the way there, we got sick of traffic so we stopped at Fairfield park to take a break. After that, we got back on the freeway to sit in more traffic, but luckily had Trevor with the banjo for some live music, and finally made it to a park called Tanzanite Skatepark. This park is one of the flowiest funnest parks in norcal. Here are my favorites for now, and stay tuned for an edit of the day! Enjoy...

Trevor with a sick invert at Fairfield

Chillin in traffic with the door open and live music!

Another huger invert from Trevor at Tanzanite

Trevor euro in the smaller bowl
Nac nac with a signature Trevor face

Mitch tucking it up on a transfer out of the bowl onto the grass

The sun is going down and its time for some more banjo!

Mitch with a sick 180 barspin. This took quite a few tries to get the timing/flash to work, thanks Mitch for being a machine!

A nice silhouette of Trevor. Even though this was a flash misfire, I love it because he could be going either way!

Trevor tabling with the flash working this time

Mitch finishing off the day with a nice toboggan

A Normal Day With Tyler Dunn at Hamilton

Yesterday Tyler, Mitch, and I went to Hamilton right as the sun was beginning to go down. It ended up being a fun ass sesh and Tyler never ceases to blow my mind and make me go WTF! Here are my favorites, enjoy!

Boosting the quarter with a nice table

This shot took a few tries because I had to find him with my flash and he was going too high! I am so stoked on how this came out!

Mitch getting ready to film Tyler spin over some kids! They're lookin pretty nervous haha

Kids with their iPhones these days, its nuts! Anyways, I bet they got some pretty sweet footage

Oppo table to fakie what?

This is one of those WTF angles

And this is one of those WTF shots!

Getting closer for a different fisheye is so much fun!

The moon is out and the light is pretty much gone. Tyler is still banging out boosted dipped 270s

Now there is barely any light. Tyler is still flipping, not to mention over homies

Not the best idea though...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Flumes

On the 4th, I was in Chico and me and a few friends decided to go to a swimming hole in Paradise called the Flumes. On the way there we hiked along a flume, which was used for the transport of logs down the mountain. We ended up at a hole, which is two main cliffs, one called "The Face" (45-50ft depending on the water level), and the other "The Nose", a good 10ft taller. I only took a few pictures, but here is what I came out with. Enjoy

The flume, going from metal catwalks to a nice little lazy river. The catwalk can get up to hundreds of feet above the river if you keep hiking farther. Further down there is a tunnel going through the mountain about 200ft long, completely pitch black.

The Feather River. To the right is the spot, I should have taken a panorama or something.

Chris Newton front flipping off the face, a good 45ft down. He also gainered this, but I didnt get it.

On the way back