Friday, July 15, 2011

A Normal Day With Tyler Dunn at Hamilton

Yesterday Tyler, Mitch, and I went to Hamilton right as the sun was beginning to go down. It ended up being a fun ass sesh and Tyler never ceases to blow my mind and make me go WTF! Here are my favorites, enjoy!

Boosting the quarter with a nice table

This shot took a few tries because I had to find him with my flash and he was going too high! I am so stoked on how this came out!

Mitch getting ready to film Tyler spin over some kids! They're lookin pretty nervous haha

Kids with their iPhones these days, its nuts! Anyways, I bet they got some pretty sweet footage

Oppo table to fakie what?

This is one of those WTF angles

And this is one of those WTF shots!

Getting closer for a different fisheye is so much fun!

The moon is out and the light is pretty much gone. Tyler is still banging out boosted dipped 270s

Now there is barely any light. Tyler is still flipping, not to mention over homies

Not the best idea though...


  1. dude these are so grimey. props to all you fools. just one idea that popped into my head, that kid with the Triumph board should have been holding it up when Dunn flips over them. Super legit Triumph product placement!

  2. I know I've said it before but you are so fucking good with that Speedlight Brian. It's not easy folks. You don't just turn on the flash and get the goods like that. You have to embrace the light from the strobe as part of the image. Brian you clearly understand the separation of ambient light, the strobe and your camera. The shot with the moon and houses in the backround speaks volumes bro. Kudos.

  3. thanks a lot scott that means a ton coming from you!

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