Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oregon Road Tripping

The other week Kai and I drove up to Mt. Hood in Oregon to film Arma Energy/Evil bike team. It was an awesome experience full of good times and friend making. Mikey Sylvestri took 1st, Cody Warren took 2nd, and John Keep took 7th! Here are the photos I came out with, edits will be coming soon.. Enjoy
Some awesome scenery in Oregon
Mikey and his RC crawler

Mikey Sylvestri and Cody Warren everyone. These kids can ride bikes

The dopest of the dopest of bikes

Mikey floating above some rocks

Same angle, different lines

John Keep coming in hard

Mikey making it look easy to pretty much bunyhop style it off a tiny rock

Mikey mid race run to take the win!

Following Cody on a super sick slide that weaves its way down the hill under the lift
The trip ended with Kai and I randomly meeting up with the team on the way home from the race at a rad skatepark in Redmond. It was so fun to ride with them, but I had to break out the camera just before we left. Here we have Mikey in flip flops, Cody boosting that sheit, and John with the nacs