Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kody Seaton

Kody finally built up his bike, but apparently was having an "off" day. We shot this hip, and I am actually really happy with how they came out in that they show the flow of the park and all the lines! Hamilton Skatepark is definitely one of my favorite parks of all time because you can hit every hip throughout the park in one run!

Here Kody tables on a large rounded hip, one of many in this park

Another angle, and a better one of main section of the park

This is a quick edit of a few clips on the GoPro of Kody shredding a bit

This video was made by my friends. It features Tyler Dunn, but also does a good job of showing the park and its flow, as well as some rad street riding!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hippy Hill

The other night I took a couple of my friends to this view of the bay called Hippy Hill. Its a really beautiful spot to look out that has been here for years, and it even has a swing! Here are some of my favorites.

Here is the edited version thanks to my friend Kai

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back in Action

Today was looking like it was gonna rain all day, but by 3 it hadn't yet and so I hit up a few homies and headed over to the skatepark for my first biking photo sesh since I've been home. As soon as we rolled up, we saw that the park was filled with all of our friends, and the bikers took over! Here are my favorites...enjoy!

Andrew Topa (12) and Tyler Dunn (17) flipping side by side

Tyler with a super dumped 3! This is my favorite shot of the day

Tyler bar spinning to fakie

Andrew just decided to try a flair. First try was as smooth as butter.


Tyler spinning the big quarter-to-bank gap

Tyler throwing in some steez

Huge toboggan to fakie by Tyler!

Jack Bool getting nasty

Jack bermslider

Jay Nuyens huge one foot invert on the scoot scoot

Jack tobogganing it up

Jack slidin his tire extra close

Tyler flies and gets inverted

Lets see if you can tell what Tyler is doing here.

Tyler airing super high from the quarter to the bank

Tomy from Mexico shredding!

Believe it or not, this shot took Tyler the most attempts compared to all of his others, he is very afraid of this trick for some reason..

Fastplant by Tyler

Tyler bermsliding

Tyler shows us how he leaves the park

The homies!