Monday, April 18, 2011

Sea Otter Classic 2011

This past week I headed down to Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey with my riding friend Dan Troyan to attend the Sea Otter Classic of 2011. Anyone who has interest in the cycling world knows this event, as it is probably the biggest in California. It is 4 days long, and filled with thousands of racers, spectators, and biking companies. A ton of free stuff is given away, and everything is discounted. At night, camp sites surround the track and everyone chills around the fire, having good times. Since I am on crutches, I couldn't do much but get free stuff, hang out with old friends and take photos...which was more than ok with me! Here are some of my favorites, enjoy!
The first turn of the course

Will White boosting and whipping it out huge! (sorry for the choppy edit if you look close)

AT tailwhipping

Carson Storch unturndown

Justin Wyper

Brandon Semenuk 3 x-up

Carson Storch dumped 3

DH Practice

Pro Dual Slalom

Kirt Voreis pinned hard

Brian Lopes

Jill Kintner

The finals: Brian Lopes vs Jared Graves, Graves won. The people in the background are the guys I camped with!

Cat 1 DH Finals

Chris Ravina

Dan Troyan

SLO to the Bone cheering their fellow riding friend on

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Compound

Last Saturday my friend Mike Ramos picked me up and we drove out to the Compound, a 350 acre orchard, that is open to the public Tuesdays and Saturdays. This place is seriously an adults playground, with a dirt g0-kart track, pump track, and big line of dirt jumps. Mike is the ultimate trail boss and has been fixing up the jumps for him. Here are the pictures and edit of the day, enjoy!

Mike working his magic

Mike taking a break and busting a huge no hander on the first

Water is dirt glue and without it, you cannot build proper trails.

Mike getting high and steezy

Chris, Mikes friend who has been working on the jumps as well

Dan busting out a toboggan!

Mike with a grizz air

One foot can can

One foot x dog pisser

Another toboggan from Dan

Some of the homies chillin

A girl brought out her 12-gague, so we fired into the orchards

Fun stuff

The Inhale Photoshoot

My good friend Matt Lawley at Chico is a producer for a group called Westacy Entertainment. They are a group of rap artists who travel around California performing. They just made a new album titled "The Inhale", and they needed a photo for the front, so Matt hit me up and we set up the shoot in his house. Here is the result, and be sure to check out for more info!