Thursday, July 1, 2010

P-Town Shredding

The past few days I have been going up to Petaluma, and shooting a bit, but more focusing on riding. I have been riding a lot, which is sick, but then shooting the last half hour or so, and I am stoked on these. All are shot with my 50 1.8 lens, which is for those of you who don't know, a fixed lens with a great depth of field. Enjoy!

Kody Seaton with a huge tire slide. He actually slid down the side of the volcano too, because the whole park is graffiti'd and its slippery.

I dont know who this is, but I like this a lot.

Kody with a tuck out of the BS, which is a hip.

Kody tabling out of a sketch hip. Look that that transition!

Zephyr whipping it out on the BS. Zeph hasn't been riding lately because of college, but as soon as he gets on the bike, you know that he still has it.

Zephyr 270ing


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