Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summmertime and the Livin is Easy

The past few days I've been in Mill Valley and Corte Madera, shooting with friends and riding a bunch. We have been building stuff, finding free stuff, wandering around town, and riding till dark, and shooting photos. Here are the results, enjoy!

Reese cutting wood for a kicker

Our free scooter. Only in Marin would somebody leave a working electric scooter on the side of the road with a free sign.

Andrew, Sergio, Reese, and Sam shredding the skatepark at dusk

Next to the skatepark was a construction project and they had torn up a lot of concrete. Sergio goes over and starts looking at it, and within minutes has a ghetto hip set up. Andrew pinch flatted because the concrete was sharp, but Serg had it down and was even tricking it.

Late night sesh at Proof Lab, with two cars as lighting. The following two pictures were taken with no flash, so I had to ramp up the ISO, meaning graininess.

This is from today, Simon Foucher 180ing over a rail. Simon can 180 higher than I can bunnyhop, which is around 3 feet.


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