Tuesday, July 6, 2010

West Oakland Skatepark Sesh

The other day me and Zeph went over to Berkeley skatepark to meet up with Sergio, Trevor, Kameron, and Boz. An hour and a trip to Happy Donuts later, we headed over to West Oakland to ride their skatepark that is pretty much falling apart. Its actually a super fun park with a lot of god stunts, they are just rotting away and some of the coping is hanging on by a screw or so. The entrance is also a hole in the fence. The kids at the park were super funny, and were getting stoked on Serg and Kam's BMX's. We hooked them up with some Brazen stuff and got them even more stoked. Enjoy!

Trevor doing a crazy wallride gap. The wall is about 6 feet away from the bank where he took off.

Trevor over Boz, Kam, Zeph, and Serg

Trevor doing a huge table transfer from the quarter to the halfpipe.

Trevor toboggan transfer

Kam busting out a table air on the quarter.

Boz gettin it flat on the halfpipe that is beginning to fall apart

Sergio with a nice turndown air

Trevor never stops. Fat no hander air on the halfpipe. I like this angle because you can see the rest of the park and how ghetto it is.

Trevor's ankle after trying barspins. This trick is not nice to your body when trying to learn them.


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