Saturday, February 26, 2011

Urban Snowboarding at Forest Ranch Elementary School

Today, I woke up on my friend Keith's couch, got picked up with him by his friend Stu, and headed into the mountains. 25 minutes up Highway 32 is a small town named Forest Ranch, where it snows in the winter time. It just so happens that the elementary school there is the most perfect place ever to hit some urban snowboarding. We came there for this huge 30 ft rail, but once we got there this feature off the slide in the playground was already built! While shooting it and looking around, I spotted a sick roof drop, so we headed over and built a quick landing. After seshing the roof, we headed over to the rail, which was the reason we came there. While building the run-in, the janitor for the school came over. We thought it was an instant bust, but she ended up being totally into it and down! She even hooked us up with two snow shovels to make the digging easier!! Only in Chico...Anyways, here are the photos, and there is an video coming soon! Enjoy...

Keith tryin it out

Keith with a frontside board to fakie

Stu backside board to fakie

Keith with a sick tail grab off the roof
Stu 180ing off

Another angle of Keith

The only way for me to come down haha


Keith and Stu chilling inside the classroom with the shovels they just lent us!

Getting ready for the coming soon!

Doesn't say no snowboarding...


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