Saturday, March 12, 2011

Upper Bidwell DH

My friend Kyle Warner just got a new bike from Canfield Bros, so we decided to go out to Upper Bidwell to test it out and shoot some photos. Enjoy!

Kyle in his new kit with his new bike

Kyle comin down fast

Evan Bissel on the log

This is such a sketchy line. You cannot tell how steep it is, but Evan just flowed it.

Kyle dropping into a techy rocky section

The take-off is just to the left of him. You are supposed to land in between the first two Kyles.

Dan hitting the 8 footer (you land down by the tree)

As we were riding back, we passed this puddle and kept going. I realized that it could be sick, so I yelled to them and we turned back to shoot it. Im pretty happy we did!


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