Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Lava House

Today, me and Kai went to Tiburon to take some pictures of the bay. We didnt want to go to the lava house, because the police roll by a lot, but it was the only place on belvedere island that has a view, because all the houses block it. Anyways, we went there for a few minutes, snaped some shots, and then left. I wont get this 100% right, but legend has it that a very wealthy man traveled to Hawaii and took a ton of lava rocks from this one mountain. Hawaiian legend says that the mountain god (or something like that) will haunt you if you steal from it. So when he started building the house, a majority of the workers died in freak accidents, and construction was haulted. The house itself is barley built, but there are windy pathways,random staircases, lava rock tunnels, and lava rocks laid all about the landscape. Enjoy

This is a view from one of the lava rock hallway things

A view from the main deck

The House

Windy paths

Looking down at the deck and stairway to the hot tub. To the left is the house and to the right is the pathways.


  1. Whoa these are really cool. I like the first one the best :)

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