Sunday, April 4, 2010

Corte Madera Skatepark Jam

Yesterday, a bunch of us went over to Corte Madera Skatepark to ride and take photos and just chill. A bunch of bikers and skaters came and coexisted. WHAT!! Yes, they coexisted what a concept. Anyways, Brazen and a few other companies sponsored it, so there was a bunch of free stuff thrown out into the crowd. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the comp, and a few pics of the crowd and stuff enjoy...

Kameron Basseri: the main man behind everything. Thanks brooo

Sergio Acosta doing what he does, turndowning over the fence!!!

Reece Butler is amazing. A very steezy 3 over the spine, losing his hat.

Reese joining the dark side with a huuuuge darkside euro air

I do not know the name of this kid, but he was amazing. A 360 tailwhip to fakie...

This guy was also killing it. Highest air at the air out comp.

A huuuge tailwhip air!

Reese Butler dipping the shit out of that toboggan. His back wheel is at 5 feet.

The crowd gettin all the free stuff
The two guys to the left, Trevor and Seth, MC'd the comp. thanks guys


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