Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Trip to Austin

Over new years, I went to Austin, Texas with my parents to visit my grandparents. My mom and I stayed there for 5 full days. We were constantly doing something, and i had my camera with me 90% of the time. It was a super good experience and i am very happy that i went. The following photos are some of my favorites, i hope you enjoy!

This is my Grandpa, who works at University of Texas at Austin.

The Longhorn stadium. I have never been anywhere or seen any town that is more into their football. Longhorns are literally everywhere, from doorsteps to ornaments on cars. The stadium holds 101,000, and this is just a scale of how big it is. Unfortunately, the stadium was closed due to maintenance.

The State Capital Building. Very beautiful structure.

The inside of the capital, pretty cool.

I never knew how expensive cowboy boots could get. $1,000 is not even the most, there were come pairs at the store for $6,000 no joke!

This guy has seen some days. Notice how worn out his clothing is and how beat up his hands are. The funny part was that he wasn't even that good. I think he made a better picture than banjo player.

On new years, we met this couple that was friends with my grandparents, and they invited us to their ranch. It was an awesome experience, i got to shoot a gun for the first time and ride horses and explore their beautiful property. This is Red, one of their horses. He is super kind and loving.

The pond at the ranch.

Austin has some beautiful oak trees. They are different from here, but i like them a lot.

This is a naturally fed swimming hole. There's a spring that runs into it, and the water is clean enough to drink out of!

An old milk house, where milk used to be stored. This ranch has been around for mannnnny years.

Fat cow.

On one morning, my mom and I decided to rent a canoe and explore the Lake Austin, which is actually a part of the Colorado River, just dammed.

9th St dirt jumps. These things were massive, but in need of some TLC.

Austin has by far the best signs. This is just one of many interesting signs.



  1. Nice work Brian. I really like the image of your Grandpa in his office.

  2. Portrait of Debbie is really great!

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