Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cataract Falls

Today is the third day in a row of taking water pictures. Yay rain. I have to say, I am a bit tired of them by now, but its been fun going to all the places and hiking around. Today, Kai, Aidan and I went to Cataract Falls, which leads into Alpine Dam. There is a ton of water flowing, but the lighting was a little off for photos. It was later in the day, so there wasn't a ton of light, but what can you do when you are still in school? Still, I managed to capture a few decent shots. I made a new watermark (I have yet to find one that I like enough to keep). Tell me what you think. Kai Brabo was also taking pictures. Check his blog out:

Country Club no HDR. Since my version of Photoshop does not have an HDR function, I took two exposures, and then cloned in the sky to make it have that effect. Honestly, I was not expecting this to turn out, but to my surprise, it worked almost perfectly! There are only a few minor things wrong with it that I was too lazy to fix, but it's only noticeable blown up.
Aidan at the top of one of many flights of stairs
Kai Brabo shooting. No tripod, so its a little blurry
Some falls
More falls
Aidan sitting at the top of a rock looking down at the falls


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