Friday, June 15, 2012

Euro Trip

Last week I got back from a 2 week vacation to Europe with my 2 best friends Aidan and Lo. Lo has been studying abroad in France the past 10 months, and all of us ended school at around the same time so me and Aidan headed over to meet up with her and travel around. We hit Paris, Bordeaux, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Lisbon (although I didn't have my camera in Spain and Portugal due to tight packing). Overall it was an incredible learning experience traveling alone and everyday was a crazy European adventure. Very exhausting by the end, but definitely had the time of my life. Here are my favorites, enjoy!

Lo's Parisian Lover's deck and view, as well as the next 2 photos

Although we didnt go into the Louvre, we walked around the courtyard and pyramid

The main gist of our trip: good food and wine everywhere we went!

The ceiling of the Notre Dame

Notre Dame 
Cool housing in Paris
Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

Amsterdam was a clean city for the most part...except for this..sad sight

Amsterdam houses

A tree in Amsterdam, still very alive!

The Heineken Experience, Amsterdam

No official stoop, but this will do

Bordeaux Sunset, from the train

Modern art in St. Andres Cathedral, Bordeaux


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