Monday, May 7, 2012


The day after Cinco de Mayo, a few of us dragged ourselves out of bed and headed over to Paskenta. We filled into three cars and headed out and when we got there, we found two more cars of Chiconians to be there as well! Although the trail conditions were a little dry, it was a blast riding with a big group which even included four girls! I took the camera down for a run with Kyle, and here is what we came out with. Stay tuned for an OTR (like us on the book: edit!

Kyle manualed into this...stay tuned!

It may not look it, but its really hard to carry speed through this turn to hit this gap

Err mobbing down

Allen bermin

Evan and Claire

Kyle using his surroundings

This gap is fun!

Kevin and Slattery

Dane whipping it big


  1. These pictures are AWESOME. Looks like so much fun!

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