Saturday, March 6, 2010

Novato High Sesh

Today, was supposed to be a protest for bikers to be able to ride hamilton skatepark. Unfortunately, I arrived late, and the police rolled in literally one minute after I came. Fortunately, he just kicked us out without any tickets given, but since I just arrived, the riders were still pumped to ride, so we packed up and drove over to Novato High. Tyler Dunn is back on his bike and just as crazy as he was before his wrist surgery! Enjoy...

the result of a failed 180 over the rail

Zach Fernandez riding a wall


  1. that was a hella fun day. PROTEST!! lol not even

    nice pics

  2. Awesome photos! I run a little zine, interested in having any photos in it?

  3. what kind of mag? email me at