Sunday, November 22, 2009

AT's Showdown

This saturday was the Ride SFO bike expo at the Cow Palace in Daly City. Andrew Taylor, from Sonoma, also threw together a dirt jump contest with his sponsor, Marin Bikes. The jumps consisted of a huge step down and three trick jumps. The first jump was a 35 foot gap, and the next two were smaller. A lot of people showed and the riders threw down! The lighting was horrible, because half of the jumps were in the shade and the other in the sun, and i did not set up my flash, so i am not too happy with that, but i managed to get a few shots. I hope you enjoy!
The jumps from the top
Eric Lawrek with a tailwhip
Jack Fogelquist tailwhipping
Mike Montgomery 3ing moto style
Tyler McCaul boosting a superman
Jamie Goldman indian air
Tyler McCaul whipping it out on the first
This guy was insane. He was not only the only BMXer to hit this drop, but the only person to 3 it! This was his second go and he made it through the set afterwards


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