Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fence Hops, Super Seaters, and Hawaiian Shirts

Today was super fun. We drove around the Bay Area hitting up Millbrae Skatepark, Redwood City Skatepark, and Menlo Park Skatepark. The day started out with us getting yelled at by a father and son for cutting a car off (wasn't even the father and son), which ended with him cutting us off and throwing a golf ball at our car! We got to millbrae but only lasted 15 minutes before getting kicked out. In those 15 minutes, trevor comes out of nowhere and superman seat grabs this tiny 4 ft hip, which was dope! Then, we headed over to Redwood City and had a pretty sick sesh, with tyler and sergio 3ing this huge gap (i only got tyler). We made some new friends and hit up Menlo Park with them, where all of us bikers took over the park! It was legit, and the cops never came, despite the station being 1/4 mile away from the park. Tyler ended the day with a gnarly fence hop and landed it on the 3rd try. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the pics...(sorry they are in opposite order)


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